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Environmental Principles & Environmental Basic Policy

Environmental Principles

With a theme “Thermal Energy and Environment” in mind, ROZAI contributes to the preservation of global environment and the construction of sustainable society through our business operation under the management policy of serving to the society by providing reliable technology.

Basic Environmental Policy

  1. Conduct business activities in consideration of environment, health, and safety, and make best efforts to preserve environment.
  2. Comply with environmental laws and regulations, and try to improve environmental management system further by setting voluntary standards or other regulations.
  3. Perform inspection on the environmental management system and set environmental improvement targets for continued improvement of the management system.
  4. Actively promote energy savings, recycling, and waste reduction.
  5. Develop environmentally-friendly technologies and design.
  6. Enhance in-house training programs to raise employees’ awareness of environmental conservation.
  7. Actively take part in local environmental conservation activities to achieve harmony with the local community.

Environmental Targets

ROZAI has set the following environmental objective and targets as practical measures:

Environmental targets Object
  • - Electricity use reduction
  • - Planning, development and designing of environmentally-friendly industrial furnaces
  • - Energy savings (reduce energy use /t products in heavy oil equivalent by 1% from the previous year)
  • - Reduction of industrial waste (sludge) (reduce generation rate /t products by 10% from the previous year)
  • - Yield rate improvement (reduce percent defective by 10% from the previous year)
Head office

Ako plant

Ako plant

Ako plant

Significant Environmental Aspects

"Environmental Aspects" is an element of an organization's activities that can interact with the environment or may have an impact on the environment.
The table below shows the "Significant Environmental Aspects" ROZAI identified.

Significant Environmental Aspects Environmental Impact
( Negative Impact / Positive Impact)
Resource Depletion Air Pollution Noise/Vibration Odor Global Warming
Use of electricity       Company-wide
Global warming prevention technology/design       Head office
Development of regenerative burner         Head office
Purchasing/use of fuel     Ako Plant
Generation of industrial waste       Ako Plant
Improvement in productivity (yield rate)         Ako Plant